What do jewellery and cinnamon buns have in common? Absolutely nothing, apart from the fact that together they make a tempting still life, don’t you think?

However, in my self-appointed capacity as Distributor of Swedish Culture (or whatever else you want to call it!), be that for the art of jewellery design or culture more generally, I feel it is my duty to inform you that today is officially Cinnamon Bun Day in my homeland.

If you’ve ever had a cinnamon bun* - and by that I mean a REAL one, not one of those with (heaven forefend!) icing on top you’ll find in US-style coffee shops - you’ll know they are really yummy.

Of course, all self-respecting Swedes know that today’s focus on the popular treat is just an invention by some ambitious marketing executive and that, in fact, ANY day is a good day to devour a bun or two. So, whether you give in to temptation today or at a later date is up to you.

While you ponder your options, how about you turn your focus to my jewellery? Like the best cinnamon buns, it too is crafted by hand and delicious. But the pleasure of owning one of my pieces will last way past that last bite of your bun. The choice is yours...

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day peeps!


*Never had a cinnamon bun? Here's a recipe if you fancy making some yourself. It's from one of Stockholm's leading bakery chains, Fabrique, that now also has several outlets in London. The buns take a while to make but are scrumptious, and will make your house smell delicious too. They are a perennial favourite in my Surrey home.

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