The majority of my family lives in Sweden, so going over to see them is a natural part of our holidays.

Taking in Brussels and Lübeck on the way (we have to drive due to bringing Studio Doggy, aka Monty), I’ve now arrived at our summer house.

During the darker months of the year, I dream about this place. It’s in a really quiet spot in the south, surrounded by fields and a vast sky towering overhead. A few days in and I am already feeling much more zen. 

With miles upon miles of beaches nearby, this is a great area to go beach combing, too. I always stumble upon something to be inspired by on these walks.

The shape of driftwood or a bird silhouetted against the sun – anything and everything can make it into a piece of jewellery if it feels right. If you’re interested, I’ve written more about what inspires me here.

In fact, my family likes to joke that it’s a wonder my face ever gets any sun as I’m forever looking down scouring the sand for treasure!

I’m fortunate in that I have a small studio here, so I can have the best of both worlds - working when it’s raining and relaxing when it’s not.

Today the sun’s out so I'm off out to scour the shoreline. Swimming's probably off the menu for me - see yesterday's sea temperature. I may be of Viking stock but you've got to draw the line somewhere and 12C in high summer is not for me!  


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