I’ll be honest - I can take or leave Halloween. 

It’s my daughter’s birthday the day after which means every year I’m busy enough preparing for that without having to get excited about errant Mummies (of the ancient, bandaged kind!) stalking the neighbourhood.

And, although I love decorating, wrapping the front door in plastic spider web stuff goes against my aesthetic. The planet, too.

Thankfully, the lane I live on is too steep, long and dark for any trick-or-treaters to bother with (or maybe I live in an area full of lazy scaredy cats?! 😂) so I get away with my Halloween grinchiness.

Instead, I’m choosing to share some of the autumnal beauty the Surrey Hills treated me to on my doggy walk this morning.

Close up of dew drops on a spider's web.

Just look at that spider’s web - isn’t it magnificent? It’s like the Dew Queen threw a cascade of glittering diamonds onto it and they stuck! And that maple tree (or is it an azer?) - its leaves pop like garnets. Now surely that’s the REAL kind of stuff to get excited about at this time of year?

As always, nature does it best.

Autumn view over the Surrey Hills.

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